Wes is a graphic designer at The Athletic working across brand, editorial, and social. He is also available for freelance opportunities in the areas of graphic design, illustration, and art direction. 

For inquiries please contact:
︎ wesmccabe[at]gmail.com

Franchise Magazine, Dreamville Records, The Gap, The Athletic, Frida Faxen, Optimizely, Layup Ent.

Identity, Branding, Packaging, Photo Illustration, Type Design, Collage, Motion Graphics, Art Direction.

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These shifting and confused gusts of memory never lasted for more than a few seconds; it often happened that, in my brief spell of uncertainty as to where I was, I did not distinguish the various suppositions of which it was composed any more than, when we watch a horse running, we isolate the successive positions of its body as they appear upon a bioscope.
        But I had seen first one and then another of the rooms in which I had slept during my life, and in the end I would revisit them all in the long course of my waking dream… (from In Search of Lost Time, by Marcel Proust, 1913)