Wes is a graphic designer at The Athletic working across brand, editorial, and social. He is also available for freelance opportunities in the areas of graphic design, illustration, and art direction. 

For inquiries please contact:
︎ wesmccabe[at]gmail.com

Franchise Magazine, Dreamville Records, The Gap, The Athletic, Frida Faxen, Optimizely, Layup Ent.

Identity, Branding, Packaging, Photo Illustration, Type Design, Collage, Motion Graphics, Art Direction.

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I listened to a lot of live music and bought a heap of records. One of the most important was by a musician I’d never heard of — a trumpeter called Jon Hassell. It was called Vernal Equinox. This record fascinated me. It was a dreamy, strange, meditative music that was inflected by Indian, African and South American music, but also seemed located in the lineage of tonal minimalism.
        It was a music I felt I’d been waiting for. (Brian Eno on Jon Hassell, from The Guardian, 2007)