ROLE: Poster Design
CLIENT: Student project @ UC Berkeley Extension

CONCEPT: Dark Passage is a 1947 film starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. The crime drama takes place in San Francisco and centers around Bogart’s character who has escaped from San Quentin Prison and is hiding from the law as he attempts to clear his name of murder.

The design concept pays tribute to the movie posters of the 40s and 50s — when the goal of the poster was to highlight the stars in Bogart and Bacall. Bacall’s brooding, captivating face is used to stare back at the viewer and set the mood for the piece. In a collage-like design masking is employed to merge many of the films central elements — the escape from San Quentin, the news in the local paper, Bogart hiding behind his hat alert with a gun. A bold color palette was paired with the muted, cream background to create tension and contrast. The typeface DIN is used because it provides clean legibility, while still maintaining a bold feel that is needed for the poster. 


A sampling of posters, magazine covers, logos, and other graphic design work that isn’t part of a larger project or case study.