Wes is a graphic designer at The Athletic working across brand, editorial, and social. He is also available for freelance opportunities in the areas of graphic design, illustration, and art direction. 

For inquiries please contact:
︎ wesmccabe[at]gmail.com

Franchise Magazine, Dreamville Records, The Gap, The Athletic, Frida Faxen, Optimizely, Layup Ent.

Identity, Branding, Packaging, Photo Illustration, Type Design, Collage, Motion Graphics, Art Direction.

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I’m sure that when I die, I’m still going to say ‘I haven’t understood’. It’s the cliché: the more you understand, the more ignorant you know you are. I’m just really an enthusiast and I have an obsessive belief in what I’m doing because it’s important for me.
        But I’ve never had any feeling that this is going to mean anything for anyone else. It’s just the way of working out my salvation. People just do the best they can. And I don’t know any other way to do it. (from an interview in White Heat Magazine, 2010)