ROLE: Poster design + logo design
CLIENT: Student project @ UC Berkeley

CONCEPT: Canary Coffee is an instant coffee brand named after Amelia Earhart’s plane, The Canary.

About the brand — Canary Coffee exists to give you delicious coffee in an instant. Inspired by Amelia Earhart who had a knack for adventure and traveled light. Canary Coffee can be made in seconds without equipment; simply add water, hot or cold. So, whether you are in the Grand Canyon, flying around the world, or just running late to a Monday meeting, Canary Coffee is for you. Stop waiting for your coffee. Start your adventure today with Canary.

Canary Coffee joins the third-wave coffee movement, providing high quality craft coffee. So, the logo needed to convey that Canary belonged to the new wave of coffee (Blue Bottle, Stumptown, etc.) while also paying tribute to the vintage canned coffee it aims to re-invent. The poster design uses an old black and white photo of Amelia Earhart with a dynamic typographic arrangement to call out the “Grand Opening.”