Wes McCabe is a graphic designer based in San Francisco, California. 

Wes’ story doesn’t follow a linear path. Instead it’s a multi-faceted, yet focused path. Having worked in marketing as a product marketer for four years, Wes realized that his most impactful work was born when working with talented graphic designers to bring campaigns and products to market. But he no longer wanted to simply write the design brief, he wanted to do the making. He has since earned a professional certificate in graphic design from the University of California at Berkeley Extension and is currently on the internal brand committee at Optimizely as they work on a rebrand with the branding agency, Moving Brands. He’s available for freelance design work. 

Designer — Optimizely

Bachelor of Arts in Economics — Occidental College
Professional Certificate in Graphic Design  — UC Berkeley Extension

Josef Müller-Brockmann, Bruno Munari, Wolfgang Weingart, Emil Ruder, Jan Tschichold, Armin Hoffmann, Paul Rand, Tibor Kalman, Dieter Rams, Max Bill, Herb Lubalin, Lance Wyman, Bob Gill, Ivan Chermayeff, Robert Brownjohn.


Get in touch —> wesmccabe@gmail.com

Additional Work

Here is a sampling of posters, magazine covers, logos, and other graphic design work that doesn’t fit into a nice case study.